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What’s your story?

Words are powerful. Choose them wisely.

What’s your story?

Words are powerful.
Choose them wisely.

I am a storyteller

I am a storyteller

The brain detects patterns.

We find them in words. We use words to weave stories.

We crave stories.

We use them to make sense of our world, to share and be understood.

Stories from my clients

“He belongs to that rare breed of people who are not only good at what they say but are equally good at how they say it.”  Ashish Kumar, AVP – Online Channel Manager, Zions Bancorp

Stories from my clients

“He belongs to that rare breed of people who are not only good at what they say but are equally good at how they say it.”  Ashish Kumar, AVP – Online Channel Manager, Zions Bancorp

“Creative, innovative, thorough, detail oriented. Outside of the box thinking? For Kawika, there is no box. He’s capable of handling difficult situations with ease; even making them appear simple at times. He can be trusted to bring in projects on time, under budget and with outstanding results. Would I hire him again? In a heartbeat!”
Bill Dawson | Manex Interactive

“Alright, it’s obvious, Kawika is a gifted storyteller. He knows how to strike the right chords with his audiences. As copywriting goes, I wouldn’t want anyone else editing my work…wish he could have edited this. Take these talents away and you still have someone who gets ‘it’. Adaptation, change, evolution, delivering profound experiences one interaction at a time. This is Kawika. I highly recommend his talents and character.”

Justin Hanson | Runway 20 Ux/Ui

“Kawika is an extremely high performing individual. He brings an element of pure creative brilliance as well as effective, strategic management and execution to every task. Kawika misses nothing – an extremely detail oriented and analytical mind, who yet somehow still manages to still infuse creativity. A true pleasure to work with, and especially to know.”

Cristi Vernon | VP, Bank of the West

“I would highly recommend Kawika whether you’re trying to make sense of chaos or are trying to figure out how to take your product, service or business to the next level. He has a proven ability to organize, re-focus and put new energy into every project gets his hands on.”

Jamie Robbins | President, LocalToolbox

“When you need a reliable Chief Wordologist who understands the needs of complex projects and gets it right every time, get in touch with Kawika. Our paths intertwined to unfold a unique product, giving me the opportunity to experience the dedication and involvement he brings to projects. My design work has improved because of what he shared during our collaboration.”
Raluca Comenescu | unfoldatelier.com

“When I began a marketing initiative for my business, I turned to the one person I believed would offer valuable advice, and I was right! Kawika took the time to help me understand the various aspects of marketing, composition, and creative ideas to me stand out among the plethora of articles/commercials we’re exposed to each day. I would have never been so successful without his contribution.”

Tobin Hellums | Business Owner

“Kawika’s creative talent really came through in a DRTV copy test. He redesigned the fulfillment package and it increased our response rate by 15%. His ability to understand and foresee the customers’ interests directly affects the outcome in a positive manner. It’s a pleasure working with such talent!”

Amanda Black | VP Production, Proserv

“Working with Kawika was seriously one of the best work experiences I’ve had in my career. I’ve even mentioned him on more than one occasion as the example I aspire to when discussing leadership styles. I would jump at the chance to work with him again, and if you have the opportunity so should you.”

Lune Esex | Product Management


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