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Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you. What kind of story do you need? I’ll share some specific examples with you.


Reclaiming the “O-Word”

Article Writing

Writing about marketing is near and dear to my heart. This Florida-based digital agency not only hires me to create content for their clients, they also trust me to be the voice of their own blog. 


The Measure of Performance

Speech Writing

How do we find ways to put complexity into perspective? That was my goal for these introductory remarks by an energy company’s CEO about quarterly financial performance. 



Press Releases

“How do we generate excitement about a newly reiterated technology that’s already been tried but failed to make a splash?” That was my client’s objective for this general press release announcing their successful venture capital funding round.


Why Do I Need It?

Article Writing

I find ways to distill complex online marketing ideas into actionable ideas. This Minneapolis digital agency asks me to ghostwrite their blog.


Getting It to Work

Article Writing

My clients look to me to help them find the “WHY” behind the content created for inbound marketing. This global recruitment agency hires me regularly to insert their value proposition into the worldview of their prospects.

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Pitching a Revolution


PowerPoint presentations are complements to the story, a visual aid for the speaker. This pitch deck was instrumental in landing $1.1 million in venture capital funding for its startup founders. 

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Read and Get Rich

Editing and Rewriting

I was hired to edit and prepare this manuscript for publication. It remains one of Amazon’s top 100 best selling business books on web marketing and e-commerce.


Food for Thought

Food/Travel Writing

Writing about food is like cooking food. Careful with the ingredients and seasonings. Too little or too much of one can ruin the flavor. Hotels.com asked me to create this overview of Thai dishes to explore when visiting exotic Phi Phi Island. 

Reclaiming Time

Video Scriptwriting/Production

Ever wonder why you have to drive some place to get an oil change? This startup company engaged me to write and direct a video – not to demonstrate the product, but to tell the story of why they decided to reinvent a broken industry.


Present in the Moment

Article Writing

I contribute articles about productivity to a wide range of sources. Here’s a sample from my own blog.

The Four Stages

Video Scriptwriting/Animation

There’s nothing funny about spinal degeneration, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use humor to tell the story of how chiropractic therapy can treat the disease. A leading digital advertising agency retained me to create this Explainer video.

Shan Valley Tea

Human User's Guide

Internal Communications

How do you turn an employee manual into something people will actually read and believe? This company asked me to humanize their HR. 

Shan Valley Tea

Accidental Discovery

Blog Writing

How do you make a name for yourself as a purveyor of premium green tea? Tell your story! This company hired me to introduce the world to their new but ancient product with blog posts.

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Eat This

Article Writing

A good story invites you to share its worldview, even if it’s a new view for you. My client’s goal was to help people find ways to adapt to a Paleo Diet lifestyle. We tackled the challenge with their blog.

Changelane Promo Video

Getting it Right

Web Content

This organization asked me to help them connect with young viewers who are about to make career path decisions. I wrote all the web content, and I produced the animated video on the index page. The interactive quiz I created for them generates 800+ conversions weekly.