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A recipe for creativity?

I read an article today about a new Harvard study which argues that the creative brain is wired differently.   The researchers concluded that the left-brain/right-brain concept doesn't really explain what goes on with creative thinking. It has more to do, they...

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The word “listen” contains the same letters as the word “silent.” Surely, it's just one of those cosmic coincidences, but I'm impressed by their interdependence. Especially when it comes to marketing – which is really just passionate storytelling. And, thanks to the...

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Finding Balance

  My first blog post was in February of 2009. I'd been walking around with the StickMonkey nickname for a while. It seemed like an interesting name for a blog, which is how So Sayeth the StickMonkey came to be.   I've added over 275 posts over the years. Some –...

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Coffee and Human Potential

It's late in the morning. I take a cup of coffee to my desk and sort through email messages. There's one from a magazine publisher. I can win thousands of dollars if I answer a few questions. That's a fair reward. Most are binary questions. Yes/No. Agree/Disagree. And...

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